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A Data Driven, Intersectional Approach to DEI.

Centering mental wellness and trauma-informed care at the center of your DEI journey.

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Our DEI expertise and experience allow us to build trust and accountability through every unique partnership.

Facilitation, education, and data-driven formulas support advancing DEI approaches to create best practices based on your industry standards.

Employee Centered

Employees are considered the experts in the field and drive DEI-specific change through decision-making.

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Our trauma-informed techniques allow us to create equitable spaces for education and support.

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Our software applications allow us to collect data anytime and create trust and real-time support practices for your HR team.

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Intersections engages your organization in a thorough assessment to create industry-based recommendations for your team. Our clients are invested in a 3-5 year programs used to create and reach short-term and long-term goals for a more diverse and inclusive workspace.

How We Support Your Organization

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Best practices are developed with your employee's input. We survey the organization from employees to leaders to create equitable decision-making starting with industry based strategic planning.

Employee Centered Techniques

Providing ways to get honest feedback from your current staff helps drive essential change.

Data Driven Change

We use data and patterns to create a roadmap to reaching your DEI goals.

Education for Inclusive Practices

Learning creates a bridge to understanding, implement workshops for common understanding at work.

Investigating your Industry Standards

Our research team specializes in understanding your history as well as industry standards to create a customized plan for your team.

Assessment and State of Readiness

Every organization starts in a different place, and that’s ok. Discovering what you’re ready for can be helpful in building a plan that is right for you.


of employees desire better communication in the workplace.

1 out of 3

organizational leaders desire private DEI centered Executive Coaching


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How Intersections Support Your Organization

Facilitation, workshops, education, and data-driven formulas support advancing DEI approaches to create best practices based on your industry standards.

DEI Assessment & Metrics

Intersections helps you know what you don’t know.

  • DEI Organizational Audits
  • DEI Assessments for Strategic Planning
  • Policy and Handbook Reviews
  • All-Hands Readbacks
  • DEI Metrics & Tracking
  • Diversity Scores for anonymous feedback and reporting in real-time

Strategic Roadmaps

Prioritize DEI initiativeswith annual strategies customized to your organization.

  • Industry based metrics
  • Best practices in your field
  • 3-5 year planning
  • Goals and metrics that your organization can track

DEI Workshops & Training

Participate in education that is customized to your employees and management team

  • Intro to DEI
  • Understanding Microaggressions
  • Unconscious Bis and Cultural Sensitivity
  • Equitable Decision Making

DEI Keynotes

Learn best practices in diversity and inclusion through dedicated keynote speakers for your next event or retreat.

  • Conferences
  • Team Planning Sessions
  • Retreats
  • Feature
  • And more


Initiate growth through our holistic approach that centers around intensive sessions on ethics, unconscious bias, microaggressions, active listening, and more.

  • 1:1 Confidential DEI Coaching
  • Facilitator Lead Discussions for DEI Commitees
  • Conflict Management
  • Goal Setting Sessions
  • Group Coaching

Executive Coaching

Initiate growth through our holistic approach that centers around intensive sessions on ethics, unconscious bias, microaggressions, active listening, and more.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Explore individual unconscious bias that gets in the way of building better teams
  • Private Support Space for staff and leaderser
  • Process large decisions with a DEI coach that has your organizational goals in mind
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Employee Resource Groups

Implement employee-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve.

  • ERG Planning & Recruitment
  • ERG Roadmap Development
  • Development of DEI Councils
  • Commitment Statements
  • More

DEI Initiative Building

Customized Initiatives based on employee and organizational needs

  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Social Responsibility
  • Impact Investing
  • Increase Community Engagement
  • More

DEI Policy & HR Support

Understand common policies that may be undermining your DEI Efforts

  • Review your policies and procedures with a DEI lens
  • HR Support
  • Industry based Standards
  • Inclusive Interviewing practices

Intersections offer a myriad of customizedservices to support your organizational needs. Don't see what you're looking for?

Inquire for a customized proposal

Leverage our DEI Expertise to transform your Organization from within

We meet you where you are, and develop best practices based on your needs. Whether you are starting from scratch or feeling stuck, Intersections can help you build a path forward.

Support the most marginalized in your organization by building equitable decision making into their roles.

Understand whats working for your organization by implementing data driven feedback that creates your goals for you.

Get to know what helps drive performance in your organization and learn how to practice accountability.

Let’s make inclusivity a standard practice, understanding who is in your organization helps us plan for thise who are and plan for the future.

From Our Clients
These issues are so hard to tackle and Intersections nails it.

- - Intersections Training Participant

I find it hard to speak up during these discussions because I'm overly worried that with my fairly limited cultural background, I'm going to say something that would be interpreted the wrong way.

- Intersections Training Participant

I like how Intersections facilitators made the room feel less intimidating this time around. They were very easy to talk to and it felt like a safe space.

- Intersections Training Participant

Trainings like this could easily feel cookie cutter and impersonal, and this did not feel like that at all.

- Intersections Training Participant<

“When asked, 70%
of employees asked for better communication, transparency and anonymous feedback forums for their teams."

— Intersections, 2023 Accountability in DEI Report

DEI tooling for equity and accessibility in organizations with data driven metrics

Studies have shown that diverse teams lead to better decision-making, increased innovation, and higher profits. However, many companies struggle to create equitable practices and effectively measure and improve their diversity. Diversity Scores aims to maintain this balance in a systematic software application, offering intentional equity to employees, business and consumers of all sizes.

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A Note From Our Co-Founders

At Intersections, we take a holistic, cognitive, and data-driven approach to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Racial Justice, and Inclusion. We are facilitators, educators, and speakers who help organizations tackle diversity and inclusion through customized facilitation training, mediation, and speaking engagements to develop inclusive practices. We help organizations, leadership, and employees feel safe to step outside themselves and their affiliations.

Are you interested in training or workshops for your organization?

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