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Human-Centered. Trauma Informed. Data-Driven.

From The Trevor Project to the Urban League to the most prestigious universities and companies in the world, we’ve been at many different tables and spoken on many stages. The one thing that remains true is that the best stages were the most authentic ones. The rooms were people felt safe enough to provide more perspective into their reasoning. We may laugh and cry together, however our goal remains simple. And that’s to rebuild organizational equity and belonging, while repairing ruptures from inside out. If this sounds like your tempo, we would love to work together. Please contact us using one of the preferred methods below.

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You Can Count on us.

We aim to foster DEI best practices and accountability in organizations, leaders and teams world-wide. Here's the benefits and an idea of what you can expect.

Develop Accountability Metrics
Boost Organizational Engagement
Development of Iniatitive Building
Empower DEI Councils
Improve Leadership Relationships
Develop Active Communication Skills

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Diversity Scores DEI app recognized as Semi-Finalist for DEI metrics

DEI has never been a one size fits all template. At Intersections’, our goal is to actively seek deeper insights into the organization’s health, leading to a more profound educational experience and more informed worldviews.

A Note From Our Co-Founders

At Intersections, we take a holistic, cognitive, and data-driven approach to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Racial Justice, and Inclusion. We are facilitators, educators, and speakers who help organizations tackle diversity and inclusion through customized facilitation training, mediation, and speaking engagements to develop inclusive practices.