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DEI Outcomes

At Intersections, we prioritize mental wellness, support constructive feedback and use shared experience and patterns to create a more inclusive outcomes for your employees and customers.

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Strategic Planning starts with Organizational Needs

Embedding DEI into your work starts with understanding your role.

Intersections’ uses hands on approaches to get to know your organization’s role in society so that our recommendations fit your industry and your company structure.

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Trusted by global companies to maximize engagement and optimize investments

We help in the establishment and support high performing diversity councils and committees. We’re interested in how people solve, how they create, and how they share information from a cognitive diversity lens. Using this data, combined with assessments, we are able to identify barriers, and training needs to develop a clearly defined roadmap for change agents to understand what’s possible.

Let our experts support your DEI Initiatives and Goals

We meet companies where they are, no matter the size Intersections has engaged with non-profits, small businesses and global enterprises. Share your goals and budget with our analysts and we will create a customized plan just for you.

DEI Benefits for Employees

Supporting companies of all shapes and sizes. Inquire today to receive a free consultation for your team.

Employee centered DEI initiatives

Increased learning opportunities for your team

Comfort in speaking up and sharing different perspectives

Increased moral and innovation

Support for marginalized employees and teams

From Our Clients
These issues are so hard to tackle and Intersections nails it.

- Katie

I find it hard to speak up during these discussions because I'm overly worried that with my fairly limited cultural background, I'm going to say something that would be interpreted the wrong way.

- Intersections Workshop Participant

I like how Intersections facilitators made the room feel less intimidating this time around. They were very easy to talk to and it felt like a safe space.

- Elizabeth

Trainings like this could easily feel cookie cutter and impersonal, and this did not feel like that at all.

- Intersections Executive Coaching Participant

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