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We help organizations, leadership, and employees feel safe to step outside themselves and their affiliations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Worried That Deep-Seated Issues Will Arise During Diversity And Inclusion Training?

AAs an organizational consultant and therapist, it’s not our aim to make anyone uncomfortable. However, it is our intention to make you comfortable being uncomfortable. Some issues can cause real emotional distress and imbalance. Intersections creates a space that is safe, compassionate, and non-judgemental in an effort to resolve these issues and help to eliminate those feelings. In the end, the goal is to resolve conflicts. If you’re worried about upsetting people, these issues are likely already simmering beneath the surface and will remain that way until they are addressed.

Some Of My Colleagues Don’t Take Criticism Very Well, And I’m Worried The Training Won’t Help?

Intersections is able to assess group dynamics and motivation levels to effectively engage people who wish they were anywhere else but diversity training. We’re no stranger to ambivalence or resistance about these issues, and are skilled at meeting people where they are to help them take steps forward. The exercises provided are experiential, so it isn’t really possible for people to zone out or disengage. Furthermore, people who struggle with criticism may benefit from this training the most. The more we’re able to address your colleagues’ fears, worries, and discomfort, the more open and honest everyone will be when these issues come up in the future.

Do You Provide Ongoing Trainings?

We can come into your workplace and perform multiple forms of training, and are happy to maintain a partnership with you and continue to assess and build on the results we achieve. As needed, we can add more training sessions to capitalize on all the progress you’ve made in promoting equality and diversity in the workplace.