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Intersections Press | Diversity and Inclusion Company in Durham

The Diversity Movement Partnership

Diversity, equity, and inclusion work is a significant undertaking with the promise of creating breakthrough innovation and business impact. We believe that we can help more people and more organizations by working together…..and we can create more sustainable business opportunities for everyone.

Addressing Racism and Injustice: Personally and Professionally

The death of George Floyd while in police custody in May spurred a movement across America. People took to the streets in protest, wanting their voices heard and wanting action to address racism and injustice. Now that the demonstrations have wound down, what can we do next?

Counter Culture Coffee Partnership with Intersections

Many of you have expressed interest in hearing about the actions we're taking at Counter Culture. We look forward to sharing our progress with you, our coffee-driven community, here on social media, and through regular updates on our website. Today we want to share that we are working with Intersections—a Diversity and Inclusion organization based in Raleigh, NC for training, education, and consulting. You can learn more about their company in our bio. We are truly grateful for your continued support.

MindPoint Partnership with Intersections

Although we’re already quite diverse, we know we can do better. We hired Intersections Diversity and Inclusion to review our existing practices and programs. They will help us collectively improve a number of our skills, such as how to talk to one another effectively and how to make a difference. They will also conduct a deep-dive to understand precisely what our team thinks about where we are today as an organization and what more our employees want from our company.

Open Office Culture Shift: How D&I Builds Better Tech Teams (All Things Open 2019)

Join Brittany Glover and Adrienne Michelle in an interactive and informal discussion on Diversity and Inclusion. From race to sexuality and everything in between; learn the interwoven techniques of a therapist and an engineer working together to provide education, unequivocal action steps, and understanding of the true value brought to organizations through inclusive practices.

Therapy For Black Girls (Podcast)

GLBTQ Affirmative Spaces. I am joined by Adrienne Michelle, LMFT. Adrienne is a QPOC therapist specializing in working with youth, adults, families and couples. Adrienne and I chatted about the fears that members of the GLBTQ community may have in reaching out for therapy, tips on how to find a therapist who is affirming, the work that still needs to be done in the Black community to be more affirmative, and some common vocabulary we should all know to create more affirmative spaces and relationships.

Interest in diversity, equity training increasing among businesses

Adrienne Michelle, co-founder of Raleigh-based Intersections, which provides diversity and inclusion training to businesses of all sizes, says

A Note From Our Co-Founders

At Intersections, we take a holistic, cognitive, and data-driven approach to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Racial Justice, and Inclusion. We are facilitators, educators, and speakers who help organizations tackle diversity and inclusion through customized facilitation training, mediation, and speaking engagements to develop inclusive practices.