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Our Team

Brittany Glover

Co-Founder and COO

Brittany Glover, SAFe 4.5 Agilist, CSM, CPO — is a transformative and data-driven Product Management executive, UI/UX Engineer and educator with 15+ years of industry experience. Identifying as a black queer woman in technology, Brittany shares intersectional experiences via Intersections that changed the trajectory of her career and life. Her mission is to create more equitable practices through business operations and product management with an intersectional lens. As a DEI coach and consultant, she continues to help teams redefine inclusion and workplace culture across the board, using her intersectional abilities to actively assist companies on a transformative journey of innovation and creativity. Brittany is the Co-Owner of Intersections, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion company, and Owner of LBG Media, a Product Management Consulting agency. LBG Media consults with accelerated startup founders to build intuitive mobile-first applications with brilliant user experiences to position customers’ products as prominent leaders in the market.

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