"Intersections is amazing and the work you are doing has already had a huge impact. Something I’ve seen right away is that managers are more willing to listen to problems we bring up. "
- Intersections Participant

What We Do | Intersections

What We Do

Intersections Creates A Culture Shift

Most companies structure their training around what they think you need. Intersections first meets with HR in an effort to understand past problems, policies and ways the company is used to addressing diversity and inclusion. We then survey the employees and ask what their needs are while simultaneously gathering input from current or past incidents; this may include interviews with current employees. 

We not only document what we feel we can help you with, we allow your employees and team to assist in guiding the conversation based on their experiences and what they wish their coworkers or team members knew. Finally, we provide a proposal to the company which outlines training that is both needed, and wanted as well as a roadmap that helps them see what these changes could do and improve at the company. 

We embed diversity, inclusion and awareness in the company by holding organizations accountable for incidents while creating a long term action plan specifically designed with your employees in mind. Lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion exposes shortcomings, decreases retention and impacts the overall offering of your organization. At Intersections, we serve as consultants to help your organization take a strategic and inclusive approach to embedding diversity and inclusion into your organization.

The trouble of understanding one another stems from a lack of familiarity—whether that be between generations, genders, races, religions or among the LGBTQ+ community. Many groups are highly underrepresented in certain work and school settings.

  • The 2018 Standard & Poor’s 500 indicates that only five percent of CEO positions are held by women.
  • The 2017 Standard & Poor’s 500 indicates there were only four black CEOs.