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What We Do

Intersections Creates A Culture Shift

Inadequate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reveals gaps, decreases retention, and negatively impacts the overall offering of your organization.

Intersections serves as an advisory firm that helps your organization adopt a strategic and inclusive approach to embed diversity and inclusion into your company culture. By embedding diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion into the workplace, as opposed to just providing education, we are able to help organizations transform. Transparency, accountability, and long-term action plans are also a huge part of our process.

We help companies and individuals step outside of themselves and their affiliations in order to educate their unconscious biases. Typically, most companies structure their training around what they think you need. At Intersections, we start by meeting with HR, Leadership, or DEI committees to learn about the current health of an organization. This may include any issues that may have occurred, current policies, and how the company has dealt with diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in the past. We’re interested in how people solve, how they create, and how they share information from a cognitive diversity lens.

Using this data, combined with assessments, we are able to identify barriers, red flags, and training requirements needed to develop a clearly defined roadmap for change agents to understand what these changes might entail and what they aim to improve at the company.


Through assessment, education, recommendations, and evaluation, we help our clients create a more diverse and inclusive workspace.