Authentic Conversations, Laser Focused DEI Goals

Intersections | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting Services


Sometimes we all need an objective mind breaking down the boundaries, to help create new ones that are more inclusive for everyone. 

As each company is different, we build tools and strategies that are specific to your industry. There are significant barriers in the workplace that support or hinder one’s experience and opportunities. If companies want change, one of the first key steps is engaging in active listening. 

Designed specifically with your employees in mind, we deliver assessment and strategic roadmaps that drive tangible change quarter after quarter by measuring key performance indicators that we establish with your organization. 

Each DEI-focused service is developed in partnership with your organization on an individual basis. Email us for a customized plan designed for you and your organization’s needs. Training and workshops can range from one to three hours.


  • Workshops & Training
  • Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Conflict Management
  • Inclusive Marketing
  • Policy Review
  • Inclusive Processes and Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Impact Investing
  • Social Responsibility
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and DEI Initiative Development
  • Keynote Speaking Engagements
  • DEI Focused Retreat Experience
  • DEI Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Diverse Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Impact Investing Guidance and Support
  • Active Listening Workshops and Seminars
  • Organizational Change Management
  • DEI Internal and External Communications Plans
  • DEI Marketing
  • Racial Equity & Anti-racism Training
  • Allyship Training
  • Angel and VC Funding Partnerships
  • Organizational Management & Valuing of Human Difference
  • Mental Health Educational Programs
  • Launching Employee/Business Resource Groups/Affinity Groups
  • DEAI Audits and Assessments
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Understanding Microaggressions
  • Women’s Leadership Conferences & Events
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Setting DEI Metrics & Tracking
  • Selecting, Hiring & Developing a DEI Officer
  • Establishing High Performing Diversity Councils/Committees