"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Intersections helping with our sharing session yesterday. You were great. The perfect blend of education, listening, encouragement, and nudging. "
- Intersections Participant



Intersections offers a number of university and corporate diversity trainings. We hold companies accountable for incidences and create long term action plans designed to further embed diversity, inclusion and awareness in the company. Lack of D & I exposes shortcomings, decreases retention and impacts the overall offering of the product. Take a strategic approach to embedding diversity and inclusion in your organization.

The cumulative impact from training on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion builds richer workplace cultures, supports real-world organizational change, and ultimately adds value to your organization’s goals and KPIs.


Each DEI focused service is developed in partnership with your organization on an individual basis. Email us for a customized plan designed for you and your organization’s needs. Trainings can last three hours, an entire afternoon, an entire day or can be ongoing, advancing from one session to the next.

  • Custom Company Training
  • Company of Employee Facilitation of Policies
  • Company or Employee Mediation
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Customized Consulting